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Contact Stages & Contact Owner

There are currently 4 life stages for a contact. You can select and categorize your contacts accordingly by visiting their profiles.

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Someone who has just registered to your site or a CRM agent just created a fresh contact.


Someone who makes a query or you have acquired through communication, such as, email or networking.


Someone who has shown an interest to make an order or the goal set for your sales.


An Opportunity or Lead contact who makes a purchase from your company. You are now responsible to provide follow ups and support to this client.

Contact Owner

The Contact Owner is able to add, edit, and delete contacts to the Contacts Management system. While an Admin is able to add, edit, and delete all contacts, the Contact Owner is usually the CRM agent who is only able to access (edit and delete) the particular contacts he/she creates. However, they can view other contacts as well. This is for preventing the creation of duplicate contacts.

The name of the Contact Owner for each contact will appear at the bottom left of the profile of each contact.

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