CRM Core

CRM overview page

CRM Dashboard

The overview page is the assortment of all the necessary data you need for starting your day. There are small tiles on the top and the sidebar for displaying summary of critical information like –

  1. Number of total Contacts. (Clickable and forwards to Contacts page)
  2. Number of total Companies. (Clickable and forwards to Company page)
  3. A list of recently added Contacts for quick access.
  4. A list of recently added Companies for quick access.
  5. Calendar for displaying upcoming schedules and logs.

crm dashboard

The CRM Dashboard is your launchpad for daily activities. It helps you to get you started quickly.

There are several widgets placed on this page.

  1. Top Bar: This area shows you a summary of all your contacts and companies with a counter for different status of them. When you click on View All Contacts and View All Companies you will be redirected to the contacts and companies pages, respectively.
  2. Center: The calendar is where all your tasks, schedules, etc are displayed. You can change the view to month, weeks or days. You can also switch to previous and upcoming months.
  3. Right Panel: Several things.
    • Schedules, you can see imminent and upcoming activities (meetings, calls, mails, and more) in this section.
    • A list of recently added contacts – takes you to the contact profile when you click on the user’s name.
    • A list of companies – takes you to the company profile when you click on the company’s name.
    • A counter for total inbound mails which have not been responded to.


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