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So What’s a CRM?

A CRM is an online-based Customer Relationship Management system that lets you:

  1. understand and respond timely to the needs of your customers;
  2. receive valuable insights to make conclusive decisions about sales and your company goals;
  3. connect all your customer representatives and clients from one place across all platforms (such as email and social media);
  4. establish a company culture and internal communication mechanism;
  5. increase company revenue and accountability.

There are 3 essential things that a CRM helps you to achieve in your business:

  • you become customer focused
  • you are able to handle sales, marketing, operations, and service seamlessly and altogether
  • you realize your competitive advantage

WordPress CRM plugins make your business flourish in intuitive ways because WordPress and its plugins are open sourced, safe, easy to understand and use. You also get to have many tools of a CRM for free and obtain more advanced features in the form of extensions which are really affordable and well-priced.

WP ERP, the pioneer ERP system on WordPress, comes with a free CRM module that has all the essential features that you need to manage your relationship with customers. WP ERP is one of our most popular WordPress plugins, flexible for you to modify in any way your business requires as it is open source.

Enabling / Disabling the CRM module on your WP ERP

The module comes built in with the WP ERP core plugin. You just have to enable the features from WP Admin Dashboard → WP ERP → Settings → Modules. Check mark on CR Management and click on Save Settings to enable the CRM module. It will appear on the left side of your panel.

After successfully activating the module, you will be able to view CRM in the left sidebar of your WP ERP dashboard.


A page with all the surface details of the CRM module. All widgets are clickable.


Add, remove, manage and communicate with all your contacts and clients from this page.


Add, remove, manage and communicate with all your companies from this page.


Lists all the activities and events that have taken place from all CRM agents and managers.


When you have scheduled tasks, calls and meetings – they are all displayed here.

Contact Groups

Create custom groups from all your contacts and companies for targeted communication.


Here you will find reports on activity, customer, and growth.


Clicking this option will take you to the set of answers to the frequently asked questions.

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